Half Barrel Solutions

Move Kegs Easily, Create More Space & Keep Track Of Inventory

Move Kegs Safely

The FIT-Z-LIFT ™ is a patent pending one of a kind lifting device designed to improve working conditions, increase safety, efficiency and save money.

Organize & Create More Space

Half Barrel Solutions Shelving provides additional, organized cooler space for more kegs, more lines & more income!

Save Money

Time Is Money... One person does the work of two or more! The FIT-Z-LIFT ™ is your Half Barrel Solution to optimizing revenue and profits.

Consider this...

  • The FIT-Z-LIFT ™ reduces the risk of injury to near 0%. No more manual lifting of kegs; No more back injuries. Less chance of Workman’s Comp Claims.
  • Shelving creates more space in the coolers; add more lines and more $$$ and no more piling kegs on top of each other. Increases the safety of your work environment.
  • HBS Eye Hook Scale - the eye hook scale easily attaches to the FIT-Z-LIFT ™ and makes weighing kegs simple, safer and more efficient.